Rita Roy 
BFA Theatre Technology & Design
MS Physics

South Coast, Massachusetts

(Film Makers Reel Below)

Available for:

-Science Consultant


-Director of Photography

-Special Effects

-Assistant Director

-Production Assistant



-Script Manager

-Set Decorator

-Set Photography





-Video Editing

-Voice Overs

Film Makers Reel Breakdown

Awakened (2022) - Set Photographer

Police Training (2017) - Actress

I Told You So (2019) - Production Assistant

A Man of No Importance (2021) - Set Designer, Actress, and Video Editor

The Intervention (2019) - Actress

The Audacity (2018) - Set Designer, Special Effects, Projection Assistant

The Annie Sullivan Show (2017) - Writer, Researcher, Actress, Producer

Heather Schmid (2020) - Set Decorator, Lighting, Camera, and Projection

Cillary Hilton VIP (2016) - Writer, Researcher, Actress, Producer

More experience includes:

15 years of work as a stage technician

10 years of video editing

6 years as a physics grad student

3 years as a college professor

10 years as an art model

15 years of dance