Meet YOur Teacher

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A technical theatre production specialist with a BFA from Florida State University and with her Master's in Physics from University of Massachusettes - Dartmouth. Rita loves to build creative mechanisms for the stage.

Mrs. Roy has worked for a range of companies from engineering labs to art galleries. She has busted her butt for summer stocks and toured the backstage areas of as many productions as she can in order to share her finding with her future students. Rita can usually be found in or around a scene shop building, designing, painting, and having a good time.

While creating Rita also loves to teach people about how to use tools and try new things safely. She hosts a channel called "Physics For Show". Although, this woman can still be hired to take on outside projects in the city of Boston, she chooses to focus on teaching college level technical theatre skills close to home.

This fall Ms. Roy will be teaching Stage Craft and more at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, MA.  

STEAM subjects:  Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, Carpentry, Welding, Safety, Manufacturing, Quality, Theatre, Project Management, Public Speaking