THE THEATRE SCENE: “The Little Dog Laughed” by Douglas Carter Beane

Performed by Take Your Pick Productions at Boston Center for the Arts Plaza Black Box Theatre in Boston, MA on Friday March 24th, 2017.

“The Little Dog Laughed” is the first show produced by Take Your Pick Productions. Formally called Happy Medium Productions, Take Your Pick Productions is moving in a new direction with Co-Producers; Audrey Sylvia and Victor Shopov. I was happy to join the team back in January as Production Manager. It’s been a bumpy ride, but the show must go on, and it did!

The play is about a boy-toy hooker and a closeted movie star who fall in love with each other. Like a gay version of Pretty Woman. Each gay guy has a fag hag to assist the story with conflict and thrust it along to the not-so-happy ending. No one does heavy drugs, gets AIDS, or dies . . . so it’s not like RENT. The actors were well connected. The rehearsal work in the studio, is demonstrated by their onstage personas.

It’s opening night, the usher took her place by the door, and the paint on the bed’s footboard was still drying. In a mad dash to this finish line! I secured my comp tickets and took my seat right next to the director, Cassandra Lovering. This was marvelous because she provided such insight to the rehearsal process. There was us, the usher watched the show, and a whole two other audience members who happen to be press related. It wasn’t the most glamorous scene, but I was ‘seen on the scene’, nonetheless.

The scenes get a little sexy and with the very manly kissing and caressing going on, the director and I noticed the usher’s reaction was perfectly suited to her. She gasped and recoiled almost on cue. This was expected since the show was created with a ‘break the mold’ approach. Termed a risqué comedy, but if you are already imperturbable by homosexuality, than it mainly comes across as a melodrama. I was totally invested in the play’s moral which made this show quite a labor of love.

Half the programs were printed without recognition of my contribution, however the lobby board still featured my short biography which reads; “Rita Roy is a quality performance technical coordinator. She has worked on many productions; from the large to the very small. In this production, for Take Your Pick Productions, Rita served as the Production Manager organizing communication, the staging space, and production calendar. Rita manages her own production company, Ophelia Pearls Productions, and is an experienced freelance artist in Massachusetts and has a love for physics which she expresses as the host of her many YouTube episodes; Physics For Show. For more networking opportunities with Rita Roy feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn!”

Besides the general managing of people and documents, I single handedly formatted the audience seating risers to abide safety regulations, human comfort, and feng shui aesthetics. This black box theatre has been used hundreds of times by fringe theatre companies, such as Take Your Pick Productions, Happy Medium Productions, and Sleeping Weazel Productions. The seating platforms and legs were first built by the resident theatre company, SpeakEasy Stage Company, over 10 years ago. They were just a small blip of a theatre company back then, but the seating structures left behind have somewhat endured the test of time. The pieces are badly in need of repair or replacement very soon.

After the play, I went out for dinner and drinks with the cast and director at Picco Restaurant, 513 Tremont Street Boston, MA 02116. They don’t have the best drink selection but my sausage pizza was amazing. Two glasses of wine and a pizza was the perfect pat on the back for this theatre project. Just raw, real, and ready for an audience.

I hope the rest of the run for this show gets more than 5 humans in the audience. I know a couple of my friends who have already reserved their tickets. You can too! Tickets for “The Little Dog Laughed” are available at (or . . . . sshhhh . . . . half priced tickets can be found at This show will run until Saturday April 8th.

Get seen on the scene with me next time!

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