Collaborations Behind the Scenes

Inspite of this summer work dought, I have decided to take on some unpaid gigs in film. That’s how it works with any newbie in every industry. I am just grateful that the last handful all had joyous results in production value. This month I dedicated myself to studying new works written by Mike Messier. I have read a hilarious behind the scenes look at both drama and film called “Margins” and another new play called “The First Betrayal” which is a bio-drama of a Mafia movie fan. Mike writes about what he knows and it is working. The purpose of reading these plays is because I have some intent on producing new work. Everything I make is part of my journey toward self-actualization. Physics For Show still feels like a baby sometimes when it comes to the professional touch on screen. Physics For Show gets a double duty boost by increasing my media experience on and off screen.

Mike Messier just wrapped on “That Night” last week in which I was pleased as punch to grace the studio during production. I originally interviewed as someone “willing to work for free” and “has a good eye”. He presumably hired someone else but offered me a position as a production assistant. I was nervous having found out that it would be at an actually real-life cable network studio! Channel 9 in Seekonk, as if I had some delusion of movie magic, looked a lot like a black box theatre with three robots on tripod scooting around. These turned out to be cameras remotely operated from the control booth. The gentleman hired to design the scenes wasn’t able to make it to the filming. This left me able to I jumped right in pulling props, adjusting lights, and accounting for continuity. Thanks to Mike and the team at Channel 9, the photos I took that day have been entered into a photo completion for new film makers. So, look up Messier Peace Theatre and add it to your must-watch list.

There was much value added with little compensation. However, in return, I learned so much which will in turn add value to my own future projects. Currently in production with my latest episode “Making Waves”, I was able to get priceless feedback from Mike on my script and program style. As a Youtube show, we do not have the numbers to even say we have sort of following. Then again, multiple sources have told me that if even one person supports you and like your work than it was worth making. So, thank you, one person, this next episode is going to be even better just for you! Our new segment outline has been effective this past two episodes having only needed a few tweaks.

As a content producer, I am solely responsible to everything that happens with these episodes. It is a lot of work. The few associates who help out with episodes are excited to keep this nerdy showboat a float. Therefore, we are looking for funding and collaborators. Email if you or someone you know is interested in fundraising for us. We are offering a percentage of the amount raised for the service. With a Kickstarter campaign manager on board we would be able to offer donor reward programs and more! If you are willing to donate directly to our cause right now, you can Paypal the donation to the email address above. Anyone can be a part of making educational art happen.

Basically, I am a hired freelancer passed around by production companies in and around Boston doing all kinds of special effects construction and scene design. This is the work I am hired to do on the regular. You can check out our Facebook page for more of the projects I have managed under Physics For Show. Some involve students and some involve protests, some are big budget and some are community projects. Then, on top of all that, I film and create content which will stimulate the mind of a physics lover with the grace of performance art. I do not want to work for free much. However, transitioning between fields always seems to leave one at a disadvantage on compensation. I know that showing my worth on those critical days are the seeds being sewn for the next year’s harvest of paid gigs.

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