Up For Peer Review - Episode Outline

The best physics episodes, hosted by a femi-scientist, are about to get even better. I have since documented my mental formula of how segements are created to keep the audience's attention. This is now up for Peer Review! Take a look and feel free to message me with feed back based on your professional experience. Here is goes . . .

Physics For Show - Episode Segment Breakdown

  1. Introduction Titles/ Music = Starts with the Titles_Zappy Pic and move on to Headshot of Rita Roy. Show Title flashes below Zappy Pic while the host’s name “Rita Roy” appears below her photo. Imagery is dark like nature, like matter, and like a black hole. Music is Mad Science (Sting) by MK2.

  2. Regarding The Topic = A short 30 second razzle dazzle of the topic. Make the viewer interested in the topic.

  3. Title/Sound Effect = This could be any B-roll footage, cute blooper, or animated creation by an artist/scientist. Very short, no more than 8 seconds.

  4. Introduction to The Topic = This is first bite into the physics material lasting 2-5 minutes. It is usually kept light with a lame science joke. This is also the time to introduce a co-host character/guest. Hints at things to come and starts the plea for funding this project into a brighter future.

  5. Small Science with Alice Roy = This smart and sassy little girl shares her love of learning with the audience. Alice sounds cute using big physics words but humbly shows us how physics exists on all levels, even hers. Can last 2-4 minutes, usually using fast motion and slow motion for special effect.

  6. More on The Topic = This is the second dose of information. Lasting 2-4 minutes the audience explores equations on the blackboard or experimental demonstrations with special guests or sampling resources or historical events. Breaks tension with a joke or gag, to lighten deep thoughts.

  7. Rita’s Reactions = This segment will show Rita watching others’ websites or videos as she reacts to them. Maybe calling them out as a hoax with an obvious physics proof or pointing out their excellent discoveries. 1-2 minutes, this segment could be given to a co-host/guest in which they humor the audience with wit.

  8. Recap The Topic = The final press to get the audience to digest the big physics concepts being highlighted. Lasting 2-3 minutes, it will wrap up any trending storyline. Make another plea for possible sponsors for episodes.

  9. Seen on the Scene = This segment will always be filmed outside the studio on location at some live theater event. The segment should coincide with the topic of the show by featuring design qualities which emphasis an equation or natural relationship. This need permissions for footage use. Lasting 2-3 minutes, it should be a great razzle dazzle moment which makes the audience appreciate the physics that goes into shows.

  10. Social Media Plugs = Last chance to make final jokes about the topic. Say good bye to the co-host/guest with fond parting words and a request that they follow us on Instragram and Facebook. We also want them to subscribe to our Youtube page. Words and email address can scroll along the bottom or flash in the corners. 1-2 minutes.

  11. Funding and Donations = This section is optional. Use if the episode is featuring a sponsor or managing a kickstarter campaign. Use as a place to say why Physics For Show is so important to women/girls who love arts and science. People who feel the need to separate the two wonderful sides of the brain.

  12. Ending Credits/Music = This section is made to suit the episode. Credit goes to production, volunteers, hosts, sponsors, sound, photos, locations, and anything else that contributed to the making of this episode.

That is what I have used as a basic premise for the past two episodes, "Fog Machines" and "The Moon" which can be viewed on our YouTube page, Physics For Show. Our newest epsiode, "Making Waves", using the format also but is still in production and could benefit from feedback before post-production completes.

Here are some of my basic questions just incase you are considering giving feeback.

What genre am I dealing with? What should be my target audience? Thank you so much for the enagement in my passion project. Wishing you the best at yours too.

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