Making Memes for Education

After studying speech and thought bubble design for a few weeks the speech bubbles ended up getting cut from the show, "Antigone Ablaze" at BSU Theatre's live stream. It's okay, one thing I learned from this experience was how to use this awesome free meme generator. I have been making memes weekly just to past the time, socialize with colleagues, and make my students laugh.

We are now teaching for our next virtual production "Totalitarians". For this I got to make some bow and arrows and political banners. I have created a few educational videos for my students. I used my awesome new HAT CAM to film content right from my point of view. It's nice to see my hands and materials close up. This is great because it is a fully mobile system. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein just experimenting with technology until my creation comes alive.

These memes have tried to focus attention on keeping calm and keeping theatre alive. These visuals are great for social media but they also have some utility in my future course design as visual stimulations. Sometimes the jokes are specific for the technical theatre industry which makes them perfect for students who can build on their knowledge and start to apply it to their critical thinking.

Thanks for reading this materials. I love to make these memes as a gift to my readers too. You may have noticed that my website is growing and changing rapidly all of a sudden. I have had many lessons in learning theories related to course design. I am happy to share my collection of information with my community. I hope to offer my workshops to a broader audience someday. Online teaching is showing me how using tools like this meme generator can add value for information relation and retention.

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