Click on the photo below to experience the pre-recorded workshops one at a time. After each one, click on the "View Assignments" button for a resourced list of self-guided hands-on-experiences you can do from home to put your newly learned skills to the test.

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Intro to Stage Craft Workshop

This workshop gives an overview of the techniques and practices of theatrical production including: tools of the trade, theatrical spaces, stage rigging, scenic construction and painting, and theatrical safety. 

Scene Shop Safety Workshop

A scene shop can be a very dangerous place. Check out this workshop for tips and guidelines for safe work habits like dress code and personal protective equipment.

Reading Plans Workshop

Every good idea starts with a drawing. Sometimes it is a basic tech but eventually you will be handed some technical drawings. Check out this workshop and you will be able to understand what the designer needs.

Shop Materials Workshop

A show is built using common building materials. get to know each one up close and personal in this workshop. Which materials are better for what purpose? Navigate materials and learn their properties.

Making a Cut List Workshop

Once you know what you want to build and what is it going to look like. You will need to do some MATH. this is one of my favorite parts. this workshop will walk you through how to make a cut list from your building plans.

Hand Tools Workshop

Tools are a gateway to new world of knowledge and freedom. Once you know and can use a tool your building possibilities become endless. This workshop reviews the common scene shop hand tools and how to use them properly.

Hardware Workshop

This workshop will show you some of the common hardware we use in the shop. You might have some of these items in your own home. Hardware must always be well organized out else it can look like a bunch of junk. This workshop with show you how we keep things connected by choosing the right hardware.

Power Tools Workshop

Are you excited by the thought of loud dangerous saws? Me too!! Getting your hands on power tools is a very important right of passage in the scene shop. All safety checks must be adhered and safe spaces need to be found before you ever even plug in. Find out more about what power tools are commonly used to build scenery.

Woodcrafting Workshop

Wood is most commonly used material in the scene shop. Once you can identify and cut wood, now you must learn how it all comes together into the common shapes we use on stage. Staircases, flats, doors, windows, platforms, ground rows, and more. This workshop will encourage you to get hands on.

Prop Making Workshop

A prop is a small scenic item that is used by the actor at some point during the show. It can be small or big depending on the design. This workshop will focus on some commonly used props, some easy to make props, and how to keep props organized backstage.

Knots & Rigging Workshop

Rigging is when we must hang scenic items from an overhead location. This workshop has more safety lessons for new riggers and some fun knot tying assignments. Once the scenery is hung it can sometimes be flown in and out using the counterweight systems built into the theatre. Find out more . . . 

Things That Stick Workshop

This is fun look at adhesives used through out the shop and stage. tape, glue, and more. this workshop its more on the fun side of physics. What makes things stick? What surface is it safe to stick this too? Can I just use Gaff tape everywhere? NOOO! Find out why.

Puppet Workshop

There any many different kinds of puppets. Learn some puppet techniques for presenting a puppet onstage and on camera. This workshop also includes many different ways for you to create your own puppets.

Theatre Artisans Workshop

When an artist lends their talent o a presentation or a production they become an artisan. Ideas form into processes, schedules guide us into the stress of live theatre, 

Scene Painting Workshop

This is your introduction into the art of scene painting. we will discuss what the properties of paint are and what color even is exactly. Then we will explore the wonderful world of faux textures. This workshop is one of my personal favorites!

Electricity & Magentism Workshop

These two natural phenomenons are combined because they share many similarities in physics. However on stage they can be used in new ways to engineer marvelous special effects. This workshop will give you the fundamentals to understanding how our stages work.

Lighting Workshop

Explore the world of stage lighting from the simple spotlight to complex concert style light shows. We will be doing demonstrations with equipment and showing you what happens in the control booth using show light control boards. Lighting is a craft as the stage becomes a living color studio.

Audio Workshop

The mystery of audio will be put to rest in this workshop. You will learn about microphones and speakers and everything in between. You will see schematics for acoustics, understand what sound mixing is, and see what goes into the sound design for a play.

Projection Workshop

Technical Theatre has begun to take a turn toward projection style performance in the last 10 years. Projectors are used to enhance plays and musicals by featuring the special effects or presenting multi media imagery. This workshop will feature a look at some projection used on stage, how is works, and more.

Play Viewing Workshop

Experiencing theatre is essential to the process of learning about theater.  Therefore, students are required to virtually attend and respond to several different kinds of theatrical productions. This workshop gears toward college and professional level plays. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Mask Making Workshop

Perhaps you have seen the infamous theatre icon/logo of the comedy and tragedy masks? Mask making has a long and fun history with mask making. This art of changing ones face has been used on stages from Greek plays to contemporary dance productions. Making the mask is also part of the fun. Learn some common mask making techniques right here.

Special Effects Workshop

We have finally come to my most favorite workshop in technical theatre. We will explore fog machines, trap doors, rain effects, strobe lights, and more. This workshop will come with several "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME' warnings.

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